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Administration of Ports by Nigerian Ports Authority

Nigerian ports Authority (NPA) was established in 1954 by ports Act ( Cap 155 of the law of the Federation of Nigeria –amended 1999 ) as an operating port with the responsibility  of providing all port services.

It was initially responsible for two major ports in Lagos and Port Harcourt, and in 1969 became responsible for all other ports owned by private merchant companies e.g Warri,koko Burutu and Sapele.

Nigerian Port Management

Following the port development programme in the late 1970 and subsequent changes in port administrative structure in later years, the eight ports that emerged were controlled by Nigerian Ports Authority.
The Major Ports controlled by the Nigerian Ports Authority are :
1  Lagos Port Complex
2  Tin Can Island Port
 3  Calabar Port
4  Delta Port
5  Rivers Port
6 Onne Port