Hydraulic Dredging Contractors : Hydrography, Oceanography & Dredging Services

The operation of the Hydrographic/Dredging department of Nigerian Ports Authority which covers all four pilotage districts include but is not limited to Channel Maintenance, Quarterly Survey of the Channels, Maintenance of the Navigational Buoys, Issuance and Monitoring of permits and wreck removal.
Reports on changes in depths of channels alongside piers, new dangers (wrecks, sandbars), and other information in the approaches to harbours, as well as information on coastal waters which is obtained from ships sailing through national waters are also received.

Hydrographic Services by Nigerian Ports Authority

She also carries out the following statutory responsibilities:

  • Maintaining, improving and regulating the harbours and approaches in all the ports presently open to ocean going vessels and in such other ports as may be designated by the Minister of Transport
  • Dredging to desired depths and providing, as well as maintaining lighting, lighthouses, buoys and other navigational aids in all Nigerian ports
  • Ensuring that hydrographic and bathymetric information is available easily, widely and equitably to all users
  • All conservancy functions with respect to SOLAS requirements are coordinated from the department.
  • Reports from activities of dredging, quarterly bathymetric surveys in the Channel Management Companies (LCC & BCC) are documented and monitored by the department.
  • The process and issuance of permits to survey, dredge, drill offshore, lay pipelines (routing), sandwining and positioning of Rig movements as well as Notices to Mariners are promulgated in the department