An Introduction to NPA SERVICOM Unit

 "You have the right to be served right".


 SERVICOM, an acronym for “Service Compact with all Nigerians” was established in March 2004 as part of the Federal Government’s initiative to improve the quality of public service delivery in Nigeria.   

The Nigerian Ports Authority SERVICOM Unit in compliance with the directive of the Federal Ministry of Transport was inaugurated in December 2006 and is dedicated to ensuring the provision of services in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.

The SERVICOM Unit is committed to implementing the SERVICOM Service Charter which promises how customers can expect quality service delivery, demand their rights to good service and have recourse when service delivery fails.


Parastatal  Nodal Officer      

Abdullahi Buhari
(GM Servicom)

Service Improvement Desk Officer

J. D. Ayuba

Charter Desk Officer

Joy Itamah Iroriteraye

Customer Relations/Complaint Desk Officer 

Odugbesan Adewole O.



4th Floor, Annex Building

Nigerian Ports Authority Corporate Headquarters

26/28, Marina. Lagos.


For complaint and suggestions: