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Tuesday 12.06.2016 | Time 3.38 hrs
Terminals and their Operators




A (Berths 1-4)

Ports & Terminal Operators Ltd. (PTOL)           

15 Years

B (Berths 5-8)

BUA Port and Terminals Ltd

20 Years

 Other Leasees within the Port includes:
    • RIVOC Ltd
    • PZ Plc
    • Port-Harcourt Flour Mills Ltd
    • Bulk Oil Co. Ltd
    • Union Dicon Salt Plc
    • Mobil Nig Ltd
    • Dresser Magcober Minerals Ltd
    • Starz Investment Co. Ltd
    • Nishan Trans Continental Services LConoil Plc td
    • Ibeto Industrial Ltd
    • Zimrich Trading Co. Nig. Ltd
    • Resource Improvement and Manufacturing Co. Ltd
    • E.J.R Anthony
    • John C. Chediak
    • Valleumbra Floor Mills Nig. Ltd
    • Oando Plc