Port Security Services

Maritime Security Measures

 Port Security

Perimeter wall fence:

Each port has a perimeter wall fence in order to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining entry into the port

Access Control:

The access control gates are manned by NPA Security operatives. All the port users are properly screened at the gate to ensure that only those with port permit and have genuine business to carry out are allowed access to the port.


The entire port premises are well illuminated at night for the safety of the vessels in our ports. There are also back-up generators in the event of power failure.


There are Closed Circuit Televisions installed all over the ports to monitor the activities of port users. The CCTV is been manned 24 hours by the Security Department and the Port Terminal Operators (PTC).


A combined team of NPA Security Personnel and Port Police carry out joint patrol of the common user area and water fronts at regular intervals.

Port Pass:

The Security Department is saddled with the responsibility of issuing port permit to port users to enable have access to the port to carry out their lawful activities within the ports.

ISPS Code Compliance:

All the ports in the Country are ISPS Code compliant. All visiting vessels to our sea ports are boarded by qualified PFSOs to carry out Declaration of Security (DOS). There are quarterly inspections of all port facility by the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Security and Safety (PICOMSS).

Control of Piracy:

The Nigerian Port Security Department collaborates closely with other government security agencies namely; the Marine Police and the Nigerian Navy, to regularly patrol (also provide air surveillance) our water fronts and channels to curtail the menace of piracy in our Sea Ports. In addition, the port management provide high speed patrol boats to assist the security agencies in their patrols/surveillance.